Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia: what are the best-selling car models?

Published on : 22 January 20202 min reading time

Many countries struggle every year to dominate the global automotive market, a market that is quite complex to manage. As one of the countries that has been growing in the market over the last few years, Italy has achieved and maintains a better position on these best-selling car brands. Which brand is the most sold between Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Lancia?

Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Lancia

All three are Italian car manufacturers. Ferrari founded in 1947, Alfa Romeo in 1910 and Lancia in 1906. Ferrari is undoubtedly one of the best-known car brands in the world and is one of the essential references in terms of performance for motorsport enthusiasts. Alfa Romeo and Lancia are part of the Fiat group, another Italian car manufacturer. Alfa Romeo used to belong to the state and was assigned to the motor production of airplanes for the army, buses and trucks for public use. For some years now Lancia has held the record for the number of titles and victories obtained in the World Rally Championship, known by the acronym WRC.

Italy and the automotive market

The battle for more market share is very difficult in the automotive market. Fewer than 10 countries dominate 2/3 of the world market share in car sales. Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, India, China and Italy. In recent years, while the other countries are struggling to keep the engine running and stay in the race, Italy has one of the best turnover figures in the car market with its brands. Not only with the Fiat, which achieves good figures in terms of cars sold, but also with the Lancia.

Sales and turnover

As for the three brands, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, Lancia completely dominates the market with an excellent start to 2019, especially in Europe. The brand is ahead of Alfa Romeo, and has seen an increase in car sales statistics that has completely surprised its competitors, while sales of Alfa Romeo are falling, even causing a possible halt in the production of one of its car models in 2020, the Alfa Romeo 4C. Ferrari, for its part, is a car brand that has always been adored for its aesthetics and performance, with an undisputed place in the world car market, and still achieves good sales figures.

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