What are the features of the “White Unique” Harley Davidson?

Being the latest build from Harley Davidson, the customization of the Harley Davidson "unique white" is just incredible. An idea of Dr Thomas Drakker with the Jesus Bikers, the papal motorcycle sold for over €45,000 in Stafford, UK. A design based on the pontifical works of the missionaries to give aid to the children of Uganda. With a gold pearly colour, with a crucifix crown and the Pope's signature, this Harley Davidson is unique of its kind. Sold at auction in July, the funds raised go to the needy in Uganda. But apart from that, the unique white features is to be convenient for road and city racing.

A Harley Davidson like any other

A motorbike is basically used to get around, sneaking through traffic jams. The davidson harleys are known for being roadsters, i.e. road bikes. This one has the same function: to be able to travel, to go on long journeys. Aside from its name Harley Davidson "unique white", this davidson harley is made for fans of traveling and travelling. It is practical on all types of terrain, tarred or even muddy. Being both a marvel and unique, this luxury motorcycle is just as practical.

A motorcycle of holiness

The choice of name makes the difference with other davidson harley motorcycles. Designed specifically to honour the Pope, the unique Harley Davidson white is the last of the gifts offered to Pope Francis. With a gold pearly color with a crucifix design, this motorcycle will bear the signature of Pope Francis in July 2019 of this year, in the Holy Place.

A two-wheeler dedicated to the children of Uganda

Last July, this "white unique" motorcycle was offered to Pope Francis as a gift to serve the pontifical works of the Vatican missionaries. Its auction raised €48,600. Although the estimate was over €60,000, it did not reach the figure, but it is not lost either. This sum is earmarked for the construction of an orphanage and schooling for poor children in Uganda. Shelter for the Ugandan orphanage has become a major concern. This "unique white" davidson harley davidson is the new chance for the street children, a new life for these Ugandans.
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