How will the camper van look like in several years?

Technological developments are also benefiting motorhomes. And among the "motorhome concept" projects that abound on the Internet, what certainly captivates designers is the difficulty of combining practicality and imagination. In any case, half car, half house, the motorhome of the future must be cheerful, discreet, compact, autonomous and of course ecological.

An ecological motorhome

Concerned about the environment, motorhome designers are turning more towards environmentally friendly models, like other futuristic vehicles. The motorhome of the future will then be environmentally friendly. It will undoubtedly have a contemporary design. According to many designers, some will be equipped with a winch cable and a built-in inflatable tent. The vehicle, more practical, will use wind energy to complete the load of the electrical mechanics. In order to be more practical, especially during a trip to the heart of nature, some will be equipped with a pheromone diffuser to get perilous animals off the road. Tomorrow's motorhomes are designed with plenty of space to guarantee the comfort of their occupants. Some will have a concept leaning more towards personal use, while others will be more geared towards rental.

More practical and innovative models

The motorhome of the future would undoubtedly be practical, technically advanced and innovative. Some designers predict that it could go into production quickly. In other words, the motorhome of the future will not be worked on concepts that are unfeasible or unrealistic. The basic idea would be to re-interpret already proven logic and apply it to the motorhome. This would then make it possible to improve its habitability and the distribution of internal parts and reduce its impact on the environment. It would also make it possible to test existing exits on other products for future productions, some of which will be foldable models.

Work oriented concepts

Other concepts of these vehicles built for the future: some designers want to look at job-oriented concepts that are not really considered for resorts. Indeed, for some of these camper vans of the future, they are small cabinets designed for one person. So that's what some designers imagine: small motorhomes with a desk underneath where you can sleep alone. However, one thing is for sure: your sarcophagus will be connected to the internet, so you can check your e-mails at any time. The models may change from one designer to another but will undoubtedly illustrate this trend at the cutting edge of technology.
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