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Published on : 22 August 20214 min reading time

The excess is the payment demanded by the insurance company if you need them to repair your car as per the insurance policy. This amount is meant to ensure that car owners are careful when driving their vehicles. You can purchase a car hire excess insurance policy for your holiday car rentals. The policy provides reimbursement for the excess that may be applied to your car rental agreement. provides comprehensive car hire excess insurance at affordable rates.

Is it Important to Have Excess Insurance?

Most people wonder, “Do I need excess protection car hire?” We answer that you really need the cover. Unlike your personal car, more than one person may drive a hired car over the time it is on hire. Therefore, you have little control over how the car is driven. This increases the risk of an accident. Second, an excess percentage is usually included in the agreement provided by your car hire company. You do not want to spend more when your rental cars are involved in an accident. This policy takes care of that.

You do not have to buy car rental excess insurance from the company where the hire firm has purchased the general policy. When you get excess payment from the insurance provider, claim the car hire excess cover. Your excess insurance provider just requires the excess payment demand letter.

Do You Go for Daily or Annual Rates?

If you wish to cover your holiday cars for excess payments during a particular holiday period, consider going for a daily cover. However, if you hire cars at any time of the year, go for the annual package. The annual car hire excess insurance is cheaper than the daily rate for the same type of cover. It is also easier to budget for and gives you full peace of mind all year long.

Compare Rates and Covers among Providers

Just like other covers, different insurance cover providers have varying terms for their car hire excess policies. Some even give you a few options with different coverage. It is important to do a car hire excess insurance compare before selecting the policy that best serves your needs.

Start by comparing the amount covered by the policies. Most insurance companies cover up to about 2.5% of the value of the vehicle. However, it may differ from one company to another. Some companies may also fail to cover some types of damages in their excess cover, such as when the driver is suspected of being careless or intentionally damaging the car.

In other cases, the company may require you to name the drivers who would drive the car you hired and limit the number from three to five. You may not be paid if an unnamed driver takes the wheel and the car is involved in an accident. Read the fine print to determine such terms.

Second, look at the amount you are supposed to pay as premiums for the cover. Do not just go for the company with the lowest rates without looking at the particulars of the coverage. Buy car rental excess insurance cover that offers the best value at a reasonable rate.


The best annual car hire excess insurance UK ensures peace of mind after hiring a car for your holidays. It covers any excess payment demanded by the insurance car provider if the car is involved in an accident or stolen. Enjoy your next holiday without worry by picking the right car excess cover.

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