How does insurance work when you rent a car?

Having a car doesn't always mean having a separate expense item. In fact, there are now various ways to make this investment profitable, as in the case of car rental between private individuals. But how does insurance coverage work?

Renting a car on a site specializing in car-sharing

It is now possible to rent a car between individuals on sites specializing in car sharing. These sites will serve as intermediaries to put car owners and renters in touch with each other. They also offer specialized insurance coverage to protect cars against possible damage and claims. The registration procedure is simple enough to put your car for rent on a specialized site. All the owner has to do is create an identifier and write a brief description of his vehicle and then make it available for rent. It should be noted that it is forbidden to rent a car without an intermediary.

The advantages of car rental between individuals

It is important to know that renting between individuals is a win-win exchange on a financial level for both the owner and the tenant. For the owner, renting a car can be an excellent way to make this investment profitable and to earn money. This lease will allow to finance the car insurance, the maintenance charges, and will even make it possible to round off the ends of the month. For the tenant, it will also be the means to benefit from a low cost rental. Check for more about peer-to-peer car rental. In the same way that the tenant will be able to choose the car, the place of hiring as well as the schedules of provision as much as with a professional hirer out at low price.

The insurance provided for car rental between private individuals

Putting your car at the disposal of private individuals can sometimes involve various risks, whether it is an accident, a traffic offence, theft or many others. In this case, which insurance will take care of the car in case of damage, that of the owner or the tenant? Neither of these two insurances come into play for rentals between private individuals. Indeed, when the owner has concluded a contract with a website specialising in car hire, the latter includes a private car hire insurance contract which will replace the owner's contract. Therefore, in case of a claim, this will not affect the owner's insurance bonuses. This compulsory contract will stipulate that the cost of repairs in case of damage will be borne by the tenant.
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