Car rental between private individuals: conditions

Car rental between private individuals is a concept that appeals to more and more Internet users. Practical and economical, it is aimed at everyone: urban, rural, singles, families, young or old, active or inactive. Encouraged by the government, car rental between individuals deserves to be better known.

Car rental from private individual to private individual: what are the advantages?

Based on the principle of car-sharing, which allows a vehicle to be shared between people of the same family, friends, neighbours or colleagues, car rental between individuals offers the possibility of sharing a vehicle with unknown people, using Internet sites. Economical, this solution makes it possible to limit the costs inherent to the use of a motor vehicle, to bear, alone, the purchase and maintenance, the expenses of renting or buying a garage allowing the vehicle to be parked year-round. Car rental between individuals allows the sharing of maintenance costs and the cost of car insurance. It is an advantageous solution for anyone who does not need a full-time car. It is also very appreciated by couples who own only one vehicle but who may occasionally need to use a second one without having to buy another car. For all these reasons, car rental between private individuals, encouraged by the Ministry of Ecology, is a very recent solution that is growing in popularity.

Renting a car to a private individual: where to go?

Several online sites are specialized in car rental from private individual to private individual. Among them, there is for example. The vehicles are offered for hire for set periods. It is the responsibility of the interested party to contact the owner of the vehicle. The rental contract, rigorous, is to download and will be signed on all sides when the car is handed over.

At what price to rent a car?

You are free to determine the daily price or the price per kilometre of the rental. However, in order to avoid abuse, rental sites define maximum and minimum prices. The price displayed on the platform will be the one the renter will have to pay. It includes the commission of the rental platform. It is up to you to check the prices charged by other owners so as not to find yourself in the too high range, and not to have a rental, or in the too low range, and lose money. Pricing depends on the type of your vehicle and its fiscal power. Customer service helps you to determine the ideal rental rate.

Good to know

  • A landlord cannot rent a vehicle to a person in the same household.
  • The cost of gas is the responsibility of the lessor.
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