What is the top-selling car magazine?

Ever since cars have existed, man has always been fascinated by them. Even though today there are many websites about cars, for some people there is nothing like a good magazine in their hands. It is no longer surprising to see many titles dealing with cars, whether on newsstands or in waiting rooms. How do you know which magazine sells the most and which is the most read? To get an answer, read on.

Automotive magazines, then and now

In the 90s, "car mags" were just magazines that were only about ten pages long. Black and white photos for style and including product placement, some articles praised the merits of a particular car brand, etc. In the early 2000s, car magazines were adding pictures to their pages that people could "post" on the walls. Today, the car magazine par excellence offers you high quality photos. You can also read the comments of the editors of the article, their opinions on a particular car, and so on. Sometimes comprising more than 60 pages, today's car magazines are real "illustrated books", with more or less advertising and dealing with all the sports that are practised on 2 wheels or 4 wheels.

Some examples of the most widely read car magazines

In the car magazine category, you have, for example, the magazine "Option Auto". This magazine specialises in tuning. Topics like how to improve the performance of your car or motorcycle, many articles like how to maintain your car's paintwork or how to change it, etc. You also have "Gsanspermis", for fans of cars without a licence or "VSP", which has been booming since 2003.

The best-selling magazine

Among the car magazines that exist, surveys show that "AutoPlus magazine" wins the award. That said, the bestselling doesn't mean the best. According to statistics, it's the car magazine most seen in waiting rooms, has the most subscribers and at the same time is the best-selling car magazine on newsstands. Featuring unusual photos, guides and even comparisons, "AutoPlus" also offers a variety of tips on the right way to drive, maintain, etc.
Where to read car e-magazines?

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