Are secondary drivers able to rent cars between private individuals?

Car rental is subject to specific regulations. Indeed, the customer is not allowed to lend the steering wheel to a third party, otherwise the insurance will not be activated. What to do then? Simply include one or more secondary drivers in the rental contract.

Why rent a car between individuals?

Instead of going through a rental agency, car rental between individuals offers a good compromise. You just must go through a trusted site that ensures the transaction. Moreover, the principle is very simple: the renter compares the available cars on the scheduled date, contacts the owners and books the vehicle of his choice on the site of the car rental company between private individuals. The latter will then draw up a rental contract with the renter. The transaction is therefore secure, and exchanges are simplified. Moreover, the rental service companies include in the tariff an all-risk insurance. Visit for more about renting your car. In the same way, you will have access to a vehicle in perfect condition, with valid papers. You will therefore be able to drive serenely throughout the duration of your contract. Finally, some platforms offer applications that allow you to reserve a vehicle. In short, thanks to new technologies, life becomes simpler.

How do you add additional drivers?

Obviously, only the driver mentioned in the contract can drive the rental vehicle. It is therefore forbidden to share the steering wheel. However, in some cases, one or more secondary drivers may be necessary. So, it is better to subscribe to the "additional driver" option to entrust the steering wheel to one of the passengers without any worries. Once a person is included in the contract, he or she has the same right as the primary driver. However, it should be noted that licence conditions are the same for all drivers. Thus, to add a driver to the signing of the deed, it would be necessary to have his or her identity document and driver's licence.

But what to check in a rental contract?

The rental contract must mention all the elements on the vehicle to be rented and on the lessee: the make of the vehicle, the model, the category, the registration number, the name of the secondary driver(s)... Also, the results of the inventory of fixtures must appear in it in order to avoid possible disputes as well as the price of the rental, the mileage lump sums, the services included in the tariff and the terms of return of the car.
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