What kind of car to buy for disabled people?

Being able to drive freely and normally is ideal for everyone but being able to drive on your own is extremely important for disabled people. As public transport is problematic for many disabled people, choosing an adapted private vehicle is a prime solution to many mobility problems. But how do you choose a car for the disabled?

The technical elements to consider when buying a vehicle for the disabled

When buying a car for a disabled person, it is important to consider what is important to the disabled person, especially if he or she will be driving the car himself or herself. Firstly, concerning the ignition of the car, it is important that the car has an automatic transmission. Depending on the disability, it is usually too difficult for a disabled person to drive a standard transmission. The controls of the car are also important. They should be large, easy to see and easy to use. The biggest is often the best. You might even want to consider something with a touch screen for ease of use. Locks and windows should be automatic. Finally, for convenience, it is probably a good idea to have a front seat that is a "bench", not two separate seats, as they are much more spacious and comfortable for a person with a disability.

The Importance of Accessible Cars for Persons with Disabilities

The issue of accessibility is the most important thing to consider before buying a vehicle for a disabled person. Getting in and out of a vehicle can be difficult, especially if the person is in a wheelchair. For this reason, vehicle doors should be easy to operate, for example, sliding car doors. Handles or ramps should also be provided, especially for people in wheelchairs. The car must have electric and automatic chairs. For the disabled driver it is important to have the best possible ceiling height to avoid accidents.

Why choose a car that is approved for the disabled?

It is important to choose a vehicle that is homologated and complies with current legislation. This approval is compulsory because the vehicle has been modified and adapted to the disabled person who will be driving it. The car registration document must therefore contain the mention handicap to be able to drive on French roads. In this case, the fitting out of the vehicle must be done by qualified and recognised people with several years of experience. In conclusion, the price of a car for the disabled will depend on the mobility of the person who will be driving it, so the cost of fitting out a car for a person in a wheelchair will only be very much that of a person with less reduced mobility.
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