A comprehensive guide to Tesla Paint protection

Your Tesla vehicle can continue to be a thing of beauty as it was when it first caught your attention on the car lot, or it can turn into an eyesore – the choice is up to you. It’s ultimately your responsibility to provide the maintenance and care that your car will need to not only run smoothly, but also preserve its shine and surface appeal. Purchasing a new car means committing to a large investment, and if you want to keep that new car look for as long as possible, there are several steps you must take. Follow this guide to implement the best paint protection plan for your Tesla so you can hold off your vehicle’s aging process a little longer. Tesla-Paint-Protection

The Best Paint Protection Plans Begin With Prevention

The first step to Tesla paint protection is prevention. It is easier to begin shielding your car’s paint from damaging elements as soon as you buy it than it is to try and repair it after the fact. Every time you take your vehicle out for a spin there’s a possibility for the paint to get harmed by flying rocks and debris, bird poop, UV rays, runaway shopping carts, splattered bugs, etc., but you can’t keep it tucked away in the garage forever. So, your best defense is to invest in a paint protection film that will deflect all the harmful elements you encounter out on the road. These films cover as much of your car as you choose and remain virtually invisible while effectively protecting your car’s finish.

Don’t Trust Any Old Car Wash

It’s recommended that our cars get washed a lot more frequently than most of us realize to get rid of all the dirt, dust and insects that have settled on the exterior. However, that doesn’t mean it should be taken through just any car wash system for the sake of it. Just as you would with any other service, you should be selective about where you get your Tesla washed. Many automatic car washes actually work against your paint protection by swiping unclean brushes over the surface, rubbing in more dirt and causing scratches or swirl marks. Look for a touchless car wash or one you know changes their cleaning tools after each vehicle.

Take Extra Care With DIY Cleanings

The same precautions should be taken when you wash your car at home in order to achieve positive results. Abrasive towels and cloths can be very damaging to a car’s finish, and unless you pay extra attention to the cleaner you use, you could unknowingly be causing further deterioration. Never use dish soap or laundry detergent to wash your vehicle, but instead purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for cars.

Carefully Select a Quality Wax

Waxing is great for restoring your car to its original shine and actually adds a layer of protection over the surface. Quality waxes are well worth the money, so don’t opt for the cheap version if you can help it. The more durable a wax is, the more it can work to create a barrier between your Tesla’s exterior and the grime, dust and other pollutants that a vehicle naturally attracts.
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