Top side by side accessories

Kick up some dust and take your free time to a higher level by investing in a side by side. These fun all terrain vehicles allow you to drive through the sand and out into the woods for a great ride that you’re in control of. Buying the side by side is only the first step. Once you pick up your vehicle, you’ll start dreaming about all the accessories you can invest in to make your fun ride even more impressive.

Pull It Out of Your Way

If you’re out on the trails in the woods, then you may come across things that are in your way. Downed branches and other debris can fall into your trail and put a damper on your riding plans, but you’ll be able to turn the situation around when you have your side by side fitted with a winch. Using the weight of your machine and the power of the winch, you can move small logs and fallen branches out of the way with ease.

Cart it Along for the Ride

Cargo boxes are some of the most popular side by side accessories. Just slip one into the trunk, and you can easily secure your small items. You’ve bought the side by side knowing that you’re going out for a bumpy ride, but the cargo box will ensure that your bottles of water, first aid kit and other supplies will stay right where you need the.

Go with Comfort

You don’t have to continue using the factory seats that came in your side by side. Whether your seats have worn out with time or you’re just ready to enjoy a more comfortable ride, you can invest in new seats for your vehicle. Molded for comfort and fitted with soft padding, the right seats will help you enjoy every moment of your ride.

Safety Considerations

You may not be concerned about falling out of the vehicle, but your family may not share that confidence. If you have smaller people who ride with you, such as children, then you definitely want to make sure that they’re secure in the seat. Five-point harnesses can be added to your UTV to help keep all of your occupants safe even in an accident. Once you get your side by side, the fun is really just beginning. You can add accessories a few at a time or go all out and crank it up at one time. Either way, you’ll take your ride to an impressive new level and enjoy it more.
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