Renting a car between private individuals: Is it interesting?

Car hire between private individuals is a concept that is attracting more and more owners. This process allows owners to earn money and for tenants, it saves money. What are the advantages?

Renting a car on a rental platform between private individuals

It is now possible to rent a car online on platforms specialized in car rental between individuals like car-hire for instance. A platform will serve as an intermediary and will put owners and renters in touch with each other. It should be noted that it is forbidden to rent a car without going through an intermediary. The registration process is quite simple, the owner will just have to create an identifier with his contact information that will be used to connect him later. It will then be necessary to put a brief description of the car to rent in order to make it available for rental.

The advantages of car rental between individuals

First, it must be emphasized that car rental between individuals is a win-win exchange for both the owner and the renter. On the financial level, putting a car on a rental platform is a good way to make this investment profitable. The money collected from the lease could be used to finance insurance or to cover the maintenance costs of the car and even round up the ends of the month. This process is quite advantageous for both parties, for the owner of the car, it will be a way to earn additional income and for the tenant, it will be an opportunity to benefit from a rental at a lower price than with a professional lessor. In the same way, the renter can choose the car that best suits him according to his criteria, either the place of rental or the time of availability.

The insurance that will cover the car during the rental period

Renting a car involves different risks, whether it's a traffic violation, an accident, theft or many others. So, owners always wonder which insurance will come into play in the event of a claim. You should know that if you rent a car on a car-sharing platform, a specific contract will cover compensation for the cost of repairs if there is damage. Indeed, a car-sharing platform collaborates with insurance companies to anticipate damage and claims.
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