Which car magazine to read?

If you're interested in cars and like to stay up to date on current automotive trends, you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of the top 3 car magazines to help you satisfy your passion. These are excellent periodicals that feature exclusive articles, how-to guides, model tests and reports on automotive industry events. Don't forget to choose the magazine that best suits you and subscribe to it to have it shipped to your door!

Auto Plus

Auto Plus magazine is a great idea if you're considering a subscription to an auto magazine. It is of interest to those who are interested in buying a new vehicle or even an older model. It contains information on all types of cars, including SUVs, vans and sports cars. The periodical magazine has sections on vehicle maintenance, machinery comparisons and accessories to help you make an informed purchase. Auto Plus is most known for its road test section, which consists of evaluations based on performance in a series of different conditions, including wet and dry conditions, on asphalt or on rough roads. By subscribing to Auto Plus, you will have access to all this information and more!

Auto Journal

What distinguishes this car magazine from other magazines is that it contains information on professional motorsport. In addition, former racing drivers often contribute to its content. For each monthly issue, subscribers will also have access to road tests, comparisons, speed ratings and much more. If you love performance vehicles and sports cars and would like information on your favourite motorsport, this magazine is the right choice for you. Opt for a subscription to this magazine today to find out more!


For the English-speaking among you, we thought of you! In addition to being in English, this auto magazine stands out from the others by the fact that it is a "lifestyle magazine". In other words, it does not specialize in technical data from instrumented tests, which is the specialty of many other automotive magazines. Instead, the reviews and road tests are based on experience reports from real-world environments. The magazine also reviews all types of machines, from family sedans to crossovers. It also features a News and Rumours section where you can access information on the latest concept car news and industry insider information. "Automobile" not only focuses on new cars, but also provides information on older vehicles in their "Collectible Classic" section. If you're interested in cars, culture and automotive personalities, we suggest you take out a subscription today.
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