What kind of motorcycle tyres to choose?

Riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of attention and vigilance, both in terms of driving and the condition of the vehicle. Indeed, whatever the trip you want to make with your two-wheeler, always keep in mind that it must be well maintained. Tires are one of the major components of a motorcycle. Of course, if it doesn't have them, how do you want to ride it? It is important to know what kind of tire you will need. It will depend on the model of your motorcycle and its use. There are several categories of motorcycles: utility bikes (often used in cities), cross-country bikes, trail bikes, roadsters, sports bikes, custom bikes, etc. Each of these models has its own specific set of tyres.

Tyres for everyday use of your motorcycle

Each tire is dedicated to a specific use. The difference between tyres is in the tread pattern, the composition of the rubber, the profile, the operating temperature. The road tyre is excellent for beginners. This tire is exclusively intended for road use. The road-sports tyre was created for heavy motorcycles. Equally enduring, this tire allows a perfect balance. In fact, it is the most popular model.

Tires for more specific uses

The sports tyre, as its name suggests, is dedicated to sporting use whether on the road or on the track. Its rubber is soft. The trail tyre is used on motorcycles designed for long journeys. It is a tire that is tough enough to support the pace of your machine. The motocross tire has a hard and resistant rubber. This type of tire is designed for dirt roads and soft ground such as sand. Finally, the competition tire is a generally smooth tire. It is made of softer rubber than the sport tire, and it can withstand high temperatures perfectly.

How to choose?

Before buying a motorcycle tyre, try to target its use. For example, if you own a motorcycle that is only used for shopping or commuting to and from work, it is not necessary to have sport tires. Also watch out for isolated notices. Someone close to you may advise you not to use tyres that you think are excellent. The important thing is the feeling the tyres give you. Finally, turn away from tires that are too sporty. They do not offer the expected safety or a satisfactory level of comfort.
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