Car rental between private individuals: how to move cheaply?

A move is an expensive project that is often annoying and difficult. It requires time and money for organisation and implementation. To save money you can move alone, with friends, and enjoy the benefits of commercial vehicle rental between individuals.

Rent a commercial vehicle between individuals

To organize the transport of a move, you can opt for the rental of a van between private individuals and reduce your costs. To be efficient when you move, you need an adapted vehicle and renting a private van is a practical and economical solution. The rental offers are numerous because many private individuals choose to temporarily make their commercial vehicle available to other users. Indeed, car sharing is a good way to reduce operating costs and amortize more quickly the purchase of a commercial vehicle.

Find the right utility vehicle

Compared to the rates charged by professionals, renting a cheap van with different websites like for example is often cheaper and depending on the length of time you rent the vehicle and the distance you travel, you'll be a big winner. Indeed, the rental of a small private truck allows you to save money because many owners offer their commercial vehicle on sites specializing in this type of activity. To find the utility vehicle that suits your needs, simply use the search function to display online all the suitable vehicles currently available in your region, in your city. Just check availability and price.

From private owners and businesses

Many private individuals but also companies offer their fleet of cars for rent for the weekend. It is therefore easy to find a small truck rental to move quietly on Saturday or Sunday. The user concludes a rental contract directly with the owner of the van. If you choose to rent a van between individuals, check that the vehicle insurance also applies to the rental. Some private car rental sites require the user to take out additional insurance that covers all possible damages with a predefined deductible amount. It is important to clearly define the conditions of the rental with a private owner as this type of rental may be less transparent than with a professional rental company.
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