Where to find car stickers?

Also known as "stickers" or "car adhesive", a car sticker is an adhesive material that is often applied to the external parts of a vehicle: windshield, bodywork, rear-view mirror, etc. They are also accessories to give a personalised decorative touch to your car. In other cases, the application of a sticker can mask the defects of a car's bodywork. Want to give your car a makeover? Find out in this article where to buy and create your car sticker, how to choose it and how to apply it.

Where to buy or create your car sticker?

The Internet has become a universal trading post. Almost all products for human use can be found online, including car stickers. So, all you have to do is go on the Internet to buy a car sticker. There are several online platforms that sell car stickers ready to put on. Just type in "buy car stickers online" to access an unlimited list of retailers of these accessories. To create your own custom stickers, there are also online designers who specialize in this field. These designers often have a customer area to allow exchanges between the two parties. This is a very good alternative to have authentic car stickers. However, you can also find stickers made by your usual car accessories specialists, or by specialists in auto-promotional branding.

How to choose your car sticker?

Choosing a car sticker does not require too many criteria. However, certain categories of stickers are placed on special parts of the car. For example, badges that represent the make of the car are to be placed on the bonnet or the front grille. The sun visor strips, are intended for the top of the windscreen to protect the eyes from the sun's rays. There are also edgings, wide strips, sticker sheets and stickers on rolls. It is also necessary to choose your sticker according to its usefulness. For example, classic stickers (car brand, sticky strips, etc.) are matte and serve as standard decoration. For a communicative effect, advertising stickers are made to develop the image of a company or to promote a product.

How to apply a sticker for a car?

First, be aware that a sticker for a car is adhesive. Its application is done in a single stroke. So prepare the car beforehand. To do this, the surface of the car must be cleaned and degreased, but also dry. Once it is ready, remove the strip that uncovers the adhesive part of the sticker. Place the sticker on the surface in one go. Remove air bubbles with a squeegee to hold the sticker firmly in place. Finally, remove the pattern transfer film from the sticker
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