10 Of the best road stops for truckers

It used to be all about the mom and pop shops, but nowadays road stops are more like travel centers catering to the modern trucker who’s constantly on the go. For the best service and amenities we’ve narrowed the top ten road side stops for truckers in America.

1. Iowa 80 Stop in Walcott, Iowa

Possibly the most famous road stop there is, the Iowa 80 is proud to claim the title of the largest truck stop in the world. Truckers who pass through Iowa 80 want for nothing. Amenities include: a dentist, a barber shop, a chiropractor, a small gym, a movie theatre, a TV lounge, private showers, washers and dryers, a truck service center, a truck wash, a restaurant, a food court with all the major fast food chains, fueling stations with 16 diesel lanes, parking space for 900 tractor-trailers, 250 cars and 20 buses, a convenience store, and even a pet wash station. Special Features: Iowa 80 Super Truck Museum

2. Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, Oregon

As far road stops go, Jubitz is a fairly basic travel center with everything a trucker might need and then some. Amenities include: truck repair station, Pacific Pride commercial fueling network, a 24 hour restaurant, an 80 person movie theatre, the Portlander Inn, a 24 hour convenience store, a restaurant with home cooked meals, an arcade game room, live music on the weekends, a hair salon, a shoe repair service, a medical clinic, and a postal outlet.

3. Little America in Flagstaff, Arizona

This road stop is known for being a clean, well-maintained location with all the necessary facilities for truckers to conduct business, freshen up and get a goodnight’s sleep. Amenities include: coin operated laundry, $10 showers, scales, 24 hour convenience store, driver’s lounge, truck repair services from 7 am to 7 pm, ATMs, fueling stations, private lodging, a fitness center, a business center with access to office supplies, and a restaurant. Special Features: Nearby National Parks

4. Clearwater Travel Plaza in Clearwater,Minnesota

With the addition of the Nelson Brothers bakery, restaurant and pub, this stop has become well-known for its comfortable, easy going atmosphere. Amenities include: a gift shop, a convenience store, a driver’s lounge, a restaurant and pub, a food court, a Verizon store, laundry facilities, ATMs, postal service, Wi-Fi, a load board, private showers, 8 fuel lanes with satellite pumps and a CAT scale. Special Features: 20% discount on food and drink with the purchase of fuel

5. Whiskey Pete’s in Primm, Nevada

Located near the Primm Valley Resort, Whiskey Pete’s is a newer truck stop that offers the latest in amenities. Amenities include: a motel, causal and fine dining restaurants, fast food, 10 diesel lanes, 125 parking spaces, laundry facilities, CAT scale, showers, P.O. Box, ATMs, truck repairs, postal drops, office services, truckers lounge, nearby spa and golfing and a shopping center.

6. Highlands Petro Stop in Racine, Wisconsin

This location is geared towards truckers and typical motorists. It’s a travel center with a wide selection of the supplies you might need on a road trip. Amenities include: a movie theater, showers, a laundry room, an internet room, a game room, onsite DOT physicals, a hair salon, 24 hour road side assistance, a pet wash, the O&H Danish Bakery and a travel store.

7. Russell’s Truck and Travel Center in Glenrio on the Texas/ New Mexico State Line

This stop boasts a charming 60’s style diner that serves every kind of diner food under the sun. Amenities include: gas &diesel Fuel, a diner-style restaurant, fast food, gifts shop, tire shop, showers, free Wi-Fi, a convenience store.

8. Alamo Petro and Casino in Sparks Nevada

This biggest draw of this road stop is the hands down the Alamo casino. Amenities include: space for 400 trucks, a barber shop, a chiropractor, office services, showers, a laundry room, TV room, Wi-Fi, fitness center, 24 roadside assistance, postal services, lit parking, a 24 buffet and grill, Sparks Super 8 Hoteland a truck wash.

9. South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina

A popular travel destination, this location is known for its family oriented atmosphere and its beloved mascot, Pedro. Amenities include: 2 self-service stations, a drug store, 4 onsite restaurants, gift shops, fireworks, a leather shop, an antiques shop, camping facilities with showers and electricity, the South of the Border Motor Inn with 300 rooms available for lodging and free Wi-Fi.

10. Bosselman Travel Center in Grand Island in Nebraska

This stop boasts an attentive truck repair service center with competitive parts pricing. Amenities include:private showers, a barber shop, a custom hat and shirt shop, 400 spaces for parking, banking services, fueling stations, fast food restaurants, a massage therapist, Motel 6 lodging, a movie theater, office services, permit services and a convenience store.
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