How will Dyson electric car look like in several years?

Learn more about the future Dyson electric car through patents. The brand, which is known to the public mainly for its vacuum cleaners, will launch an SUV about the same size as a Range Rover. The Dyson car has a three-row seating arrangement.

The Dyson car: what does it look like?

Dyson has just released patents filed a year and a half ago. These patents tell you more about the brand's first ever vehicle. They don't reveal what the car will really look like, but they give you a glimpse into the project led by Ian Minards, former Aston Martin product development director, who began working with Dyson founder James Dyson in 2016. At first glance, the vehicle looks like an SUV because of its high ground clearance. At 5m long, it should be similar in size to a Range Rover, bringing it closer to its main rival, the Telsa Model X. The Dyson car has a wheelbase of 3.3 m, which is similar to that of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but about 40 cm longer than that of a Range Rover. These impressive values should then give it the opportunity to offer good roominess.

A slightly more detailed description of the Dyson car

The brand has taken full advantage of the special features of electric vehicles by putting the tyres in the four corners of the Dyson car and incorporating the battery into the floor. This will give a low centre of gravity for an SUV. The large size of the car makes it difficult to see the tyre dimensions. The tyres are very large indeed. Their width should, in spite of this, be contained, a fairly common feature of electric cars, allowing them to reduce friction. However, this unusual size has forced the brand to sign a contract with a wheel manufacturer/supplier.

A project that is becoming clearer

The Dyson car won't hit the market until 2021 and its price is still unknown. And we suspect that the brand will place its first vehicle as a new and expensive model, by extension. The car will be produced in Singapore, where the brand's headquarters have been moved. And according to brand founder James Dyson, the factory will soon open its doors, convinced that factories can be built faster in Singapore than elsewhere. In addition, the brand will use the name "Digital Motor" as a reminder of its research into electrical engineering, which it seems to be emphasizing as a real marketing argument.
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