The nuances of motor insurance

Published on : 30 June 20203 min reading time

Like everything else in today’s world, owning a car too does not come cheap. One of the many things that you have to look into as a car owner is its insurance. This is important because motor insurance is what comes to your rescue in case you get into an accident. Not only does it cover for your vehicle but also for your life. While insuring your car might seem pretty heavy on pocket, there are a number of ways you can cut down on its costs. You must begin with understanding that it is absolutely necessary to get your car insured. Once you get that, you must educate yourself on how to go about it. Following is a list of 5 tips and tricks which can help you make an informed decision.

See what you are driving: The make and model of your car directly affects its insurance. Cars which require more maintenance make you pay more for their premiums and vice versa. Hence, you need to consider which cars are cheaper to insure and which are not before you buy one.
Explore your options: The idea is to not settle for the first insurance plan that comes your way. Different companies value different things and hence their coverage rates too are different. You can easily save more by selecting what suits you best.
Make it a family affair: Combining your car insurance plan with that of your family members can benefit you greatly. Companies keep coming up with discounts and offers for families, you can work that in your favour.

Drive right and drive safe: Make efforts in keeping your driving record clean as your behaviour on road shows in your bank account. Insurance companies make careless drivers pay much more than the careful ones because of higher risk of accidents.
Hand out information smartly: You are allowed to be a little discreet while informing the insurance company about your road history. You can miss out on minor accidents of the past that are now off your record.

Another thing to keep in mind is to associate with trustworthy insurance companies. Those like AIG, offering great motor insurance plans, have rightly earned themselves a name. All you need to do is select an insurance plan that suits you well allowing you to save the most. Also, keep checking with your insurance company about every six months for updates on your premium rates.

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