Tips to make your journey more beautiful in an open top car

The feeling of driving an open top car is extraordinary. It’s completely different from driving a saloon. It’s a pleasure to enjoy the wind and feel the smoothness of the wheels on the road. On holiday, one might also enjoy the beautiful landscapes rushing by and the delightful birdsong. According to surveys, 95% percent of people who already own an open top will buy one again. open-top-car

Stay secure

There are some security issues with owning an open top car. The driver must think about the precautionary measures before deciding to buy one.

Take care of your skin

If you have been driving an open top for years, then you must be already aware of the skin damages such journeys can cause. The combination of wind and sunlight affects the skin in a number of ways. For example; original skin color can turn red, which leads to further skin problems, such as fast aging. It takes days or even months to get the color back if one stops driving open top cars in the sunlight. However, you can avoid this problem by protecting yourself in the right way. Try to wear a hat which protects your face. A peaked cap is the best choice. If you want to look smart and stylish, then go for a peaked leather cap. If you drive an open top in cold weather, then buy a flying jacket along with the leather cap. The reason is because they will protect you from icy wind blows and are suitable for both women and men. Never forget to wear driving gloves.

Enjoy interior benefits

In the past, cars did not have an automatic system of raising the roof, since drivers used to do it manually. Now modern cars operate this function by just one touch of a button and the whole process takes just a few seconds. Some modern open top cars are equipped with a metal roof. This is of great advantage, because you can enjoy the wind in your hair and the comfort of an eclosed Coupe. Interior fabric quality and structure has also changed with time. Today’s modern open top cars have different fabrics than older cars. To get rid of the wind noise, an insulation layer is used on the inner and outer surface lining. This new technology is used Vauxhall cars. This is a car with supreme style and an awesome look. You don’t need to stop when it rains, because as soon as you touch the button, the roof will come down in just 17 seconds.
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