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Since the introduction of the new Mini hatchback in 2000 the Mini model range has expanded to offer options to wide range of different drivers. Here is our guide to the different versions of the Mini currently on the market. Mini-Hatch

Mini Hatch

The cornerstone of the Mini range is the Mini Hatch. The first generation of these was introduced in 2000 and remained in production until 2006. A second generation followed in 2006 featuring a myriad of improvements including more efficient engines and improved interior space. This has been replaced by an all new Mini hatchback for 2014. The Mini Hatch offers the cheapest way into the marque and is perfect for anyone who wants a little retro style whenever they hit the road.

Mini Clubman

The Clubman is an estate version of the Mini that was launched in 2008. It has side hinged rear doors rather than a hatch making it a distinctive, and very practical, small estate. A van variant was launched in 2012 as the Clubvan. The Mini Clubman is a stylish solution for people who want to pack in a bit extra to their cars.

Mini Convertible

Perfect for the summer months, a Mini convertible allows you to enjoy the wind in your hair while you take advantage of the car’s perky handling on the open road. The first convertible was launched in 2004.

Mini Coupe/Roadster

The Mini Coupe is a two seater sports car based on the Mini Convertible that was launched in 2011. The removal of the rear seats allow the boot to be extended. The windscreen is also angled more steeply than a standard Mini and the roof is lower giving the car an exciting dynamic shape. A convertible version of the Coupe was launched as the Mini Roadster in 2012.

Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman is a crossover SUV that was launched in 2010. The Countryman offers more interior room than the Clubman as well as higher ground clearance. The car was the first in the Mini range to have five doors, making it a more practical proposition as a family car. The Countryman can also be ordered with four wheel drive, helping to make the car more surefooted in adverse conditions. Racing versions of the Countryman compete in the World Rally Championships and were winners of the Dakar Rally in 2012 and 2013.

Mini Paceman

The Mini Paceman is a three door version of the Countryman. Essentially it sacrifices a little of the practicality of the Countryman in exchange for a more stylish take on the SUV/crossover concept.

Mini John Cooper Works

All of the models mentioned above can be ordered as a John Cooper Works version with extra power and additional detailing. John Cooper was the most famous tuner of the classic pre-2000 Mini range. John Cooper Works was set up in 2000 by his son Mike to tune the new range of cars. It has since been bought by BMW to use as the official tuning department for Mini cars.
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